Andrey Tarkovsky International Film Festival “Zerkalo"


Underground Ballet
June 25th - 30th Watch
53 mins
Hebrew, Russian, with Russian subtitles
Russian premiere

In 1991 Nadia Timofeeva moved to Jerusalem with her mother Nina, formerly a prima and a choreographer at the Bolshoi. Without any other means to support themselves, they opened a ballet school under the stands of Teddy, Jerusalem's football stadium. Sophisticated dancers are now the new neighbors of Beitar Jerusalem's loud fans. A surrealist encounter of art and sports.

JUNE 25th TO 30th

Israel / 2019 / 53 min / documentary / Hebrew, Russian

Directed by Lena Chaplin
Written by Lena Chaplin, Bracha Zisman-Cohen
Cinematography Itzik Portal
Produced by Daniela Reiss
Production Hot 8, the Yehoshua Rabinovich Foundation for the Arts, Tel Aviv
Lena Chaplin

Film director. After graduating from VGIK she has made over sixty documentaries and five fiction films (co-directed by Slava Chaplin). She has lived and worked in Israel since 1976, directing for Israeli and European television. She has won two Ophir Awards from the Israeli Film Academy. Her latest work includes Underground Ballet (2019, Best Documentary Award at the 35th Haifa IFF), Eighty and Counting (2017), Voices from the Booth (2014), Weeping Susannah (2012), In the Prime of Her Life (2010). She has participated at film festivals in Moscow, Paris, Geneve, Warsaw, and Rome.
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