Andrey Tarkovsky International Film Festival “Zerkalo"


A torinói ló
June 25th - 30th Watch
Год: 2011
Страна: Венгрия, Франция, Швейцария, Германия, США
Жанр: Драма
Хронометраж: 155 мин
Язык: Венгерский, с русскими субтитрами

An odd scene occured in 1889 in a street in Turin, Italy. A coachman was whipping his old horse that refused to move. Suddenly a well-dressed man sporting a remarkable moustache approached the coach and tossed his arms around the horse's neck, crying aloud. The man was the universally known philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche. In less than one month, Nietzsche would be diagnosed with a serious mental illness that would make him bed-ridden and speechless for the next eleven years until his death.

JUNE 25th TO 30TH

Hungary, France, Switzerland, Germany, USA / 2011 / 155 min / Hungarian

Directed by Béla Tarr, Ágnes Hranitzky
Written by László Krasznahorkai, Béla Tarr
Cinematography Fred Kelemen
Design László Rajk
Cast János Derzsi, Erika Bók, Mihály Kormos, Ricsi, Mihály Ráday
Produced by Martin Hagemann, Juliette Lepoutre, Marie-Pierre Macia
Production T. T. Filmműhely
Béla Tarr

Film director, screenwriter and producer. Born in 1955. His amateur work attracted the attention of the Béla Balasz Studio's management, which assisted him with his first feature, Family Nest (1977). He graduated from the Budapest Academy of Theater and Film. Selected filmography: Damnation (1987), Sátántangó (1994, Caligari Award at the Berlin Film Festival), Werckmeister Harmonies (2000), A Man from London (2007), The Turin Horse (2011, Silver Bear and FIPRESCI Award at the Berlinale).
Ágnes Hranitzky

Film director and editor of every Béla Tarr film since The Outsider (1982). Co-director of The Werckmeister Harmonies (2000), Visions of Europe (2004), A Man from London (2007), The Turin Horse (2011).

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