Andrey Tarkovsky International Film Festival “Zerkalo"


June 25th - 30th Watch
7 min

Someone's fired. Someone's seduced. Someone's hit in the head with an icepick. So many stories around that there's always a s possibility of a historical mistake.

JUNE 25th TO 30th

Russia / 2018/ 7 min / Russian

Written and directed by Mikhail Mestetsky
Cinematography Mark Ziselson
Design Marusya Parfenova-Chukhrai
Cast Mikhail Gorevoy, Alexander Gorchilin, Olga Sutulova, Fedor Lavrov, Vladimir Kanukhin, Yulia Dzhulay
Produced by Sergey Kornikhin
Production Red Square
Mikhail Mestetsky

Born in 1980 in Tver, graduated in Philology from the Russian University for the Humanities and from the Higher Courses of Screenwriters and Directors (class of Naumov, Dobrovolsky and Mitko). He has made over ten award-winning short films (Legs are an Atavism, Insignificant Details of a Random Episode), and won the Shanghai Film Festival's top prize, Kinotavr's top award for a short film, among other accolades. He won the Valentin Chernykh screenwriting award in 2016 for best first feature (The Rag Union). He wrote Super Family (2016), The Good Boy (2016), Super Family 2 (2018).
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